Obsessed with Elegance

VDFB - 1387

An exquisite neck piece that transcends the uniqueness of diamonds at Viswa & Devji. This necklace offers a beautiful array of both gold and brilliant cut diamonds. It consists…Read more

Obsessed with Opulence

VDFB - 1384

This marvelous 18k yellow gold necklace consists of brilliantly cut diamonds that are artistically crafted to catch everyone’s eyes. It is made with 18.610 carats of Diamonds,…Read more

Obsessed with grandeur

VDFB - 1383

This splendid necklace has been carefully crafted with great attention to detail. It consists of 4.685 cts of brilliant diamonds along with 76.000 cts of gems set in 92.350…Read more

Creating is the foremost human endeavor

VDFB- 1379

Are you looking for a unique, modern yet classy neck jewelry? This extravagant diamond necklace might be just what you are looking for. It is a 17.710 carat, yellow gold…Read more

Majestically brilliant and illuminated

VDFB- 1365

A vibrant treasure, special for its design, uniqueness and a true reflection of exuberance and liveliness. Dynamic in form and possessing innate beauty, this awe-inspiring…Read more

Rows of Elegance

VDFB- 1362

Beautiful Yellow diamonds embossed atop exquisite Royal cut diamonds which are interspersed at regular intervals in rows of elegance. Crafted with 46.040 carats of diamond…Read more

Elegance, The beauty that never fades

VDFB- 1359

This perfectly shaped necklace containing 6.767 carats of diamond, 104.280 grams of gold and 31.438 carats of ruby makes a bold statement with its harmony and color. This…Read more

Exquisite in form and style

VDFB- 1357

Regal, showy and pristine in design and looks, this ravishing necklace contains 9.225 carats of diamond and 60.820 grams of gold. Oval shaped rings are dappled with shining…Read more

Draped in floral Grandeur

VDFB- 1356

This necklace festooned in flowers boldly presents a picture of luxury. Created with 7.023 carats of diamond, 78.390 grams of gold and 32.720 carats of ruby this floral garland…Read more

Showcasing mastery and quality

VDFB- 1354

Jewels wrapped in color, order and perfection in this one of a kind necklace. Bearing 8.200 carats of diamond, 50 grams of gold and 86.230 carats of emerald this stunning…Read more