Luxury in Every Detail

VDFB- 1372

Experience Royalty & Luxury with this exuberant pendant and earring. The blue lustre of the sapphires, the elegance of the pearls and the dazzle of diamonds are sure to set…Read more

Style wrapped in luxury

VDFB- 1371

This contemporary and lively stud is a picture of changing trends. With its different yet captivating design of diamond rays and the bunch of rubies that takes centre stage,…Read more

Twists of Fascination

VDFB- 1363

This brilliant pendant is adorned with minute yet intriguing royal cut diamonds. Crafted with care and with 0.650 carats of diamonds, 5.550 grams of gold and 3.420 carats…Read more

A harmonious unity of nature's finest

VDFB- 1353

This teardrop shaped pendant encompassing earth’s finest elements is brought to life in a flash of brilliance. Unassuming yet showing depth and character this piece of…Read more

The One for those precious moments.

VDFB- 1346

This gorgeous floral pendant shines a light illuminating life’s precious moments . Created with 2.684 carats of diamonds, 23.990 grams of gold and 11.959 carats of pearl,…Read more