The Obsession with Uniqueness

VDFB- 1376

This preciously crafted and uniquely designed onyx diamond ring will surpass everyone’s imagination. This masterpiece is made from 18K rose gold and is adorned with brilliant…Read more

Sparkle a little brighter

VDFB- 1370

A teardrop shaped earring studded with minute diamonds on its edges and intricate golden swirls that preserve a dazzling ruby in the centre. The earring comes together with…Read more

“All the beauty of life is made up of light..” Leo Tolstoy

VDFB- 1349

Fascinating and capturing the Aura of deep and bold colors, this ring is set to startle and enchant. Possessing 0.970 carats of Diamonds, 9.540 grams of Gold, 6.220 carats…Read more

Eloquent grace of artistic brilliance

VDFB_ 1330

Diamonds interwoven in chains of gold and knitted together in an elegant flow. Each row enhances the stately poise of the diamonds. Symbolising the interconnectedness of…Read more

Sparkle with warmth, elegance and liveliness

VDFB- 1327

A spiral wonder representing the waves of the ages converging at a central point and bursting into light from within, radiating the splendor of diamonds. This signature ring…Read more

An extraordinary piece of beauty and perfection

VDFB- 1302

Blaze brilliantly with this breathtaking pearl ring showcased around dazzling diamonds set on complementing gold. This stunning piece contains 1.020 carat of diamonds, 7.990…Read more

Expertise, Excellence and Elegance in one masterpiece


Made with 0.880 carats of Diamonds, 6.400 grams of Gold and 2.940 carats of Mother of Pearl, this beautiful ring is a symbol of utmost excellence. This work of art designed…Read more

An expression of supreme opulence


Made with 0.350 carats of Diamonds, 4.080 grams of Gold and 3.270 carats of Mother of Pearl, this beautiful ring is crafted to absolute perfection. This masterpiece designed…Read more

Enthralling hearts with an astonishing timeless design


This lustrous ring made with the finest of Viswa & Devji?s Diamonds and Mother of pearl, is created to enchant hearts with its inimitable craftsmanship. This ring is made…Read more

An expression of absolute luxury

VDFB- 1290

Made with 0.260 carats of Diamonds, 3.690 grams of Gold and 0.930 carats of Mother of Pearl, this ring is an expression of Viswa & Devji?s rich craftsmanship. This masterpiece…Read more