The evolution of a brand is a sheer commitment. At Viswa & Devji, we believe in the true art that transcends time. And the creation occurs with the bliss of true art. With our artistry and unique designs, we have been able to express the creation of art into Heartistic. Yes! We design the desire in you that has been conceived and nurtured in the heart that eventually led us to follow the art of jewellery and reflect the secrets of elegance and luxury.

Art is the summit of expertise and talent. And we do understand the relevance of art with our painstaking efforts in transforming your secrets to its brilliance. We are always in search of excellence where we will be able to safeguard the values of integrity and ingenuity.

Every heart has a secret and so do we.

The Secret is

Heartistic Luxury

A Secret unveiled through Art

Art is immortal once it is empowered with authenticity. Secrets are a replica of our charm, fascination and quest for eternity. And they obviously hold our innate desires to discover our own world. Diamond is no exception. We embrace your penchant for luxury and we transform your scale of desire in its every curve, every facet and every line. And we fondly love to call this Heartistic expression of your secret, your mind and ultimately YOU!

Inspiring Lifestyles through Art

Art inspires life and remains the drive for refined lifestyles and the generation of new trends. We at Viswa & Devji are heartists who take inspiration from the elfin aspects of a creation to its opulent state. And we are fortunate enough to mirror the unprecedented facets of creativity in our inspiring creations that make your lifestyle more shimmering.

Experience a Paradise
    Of creativity and imagination.


Our heartisan's vision creates a paradise, a fairyland and a spectacle to behold within each of our creations. It is a dream of an artist in which he witnesses a grand new world with finer things in life. We absolutely indulge in this belief to reflect the true nuances of a heartist who is in a relentless mission of searching something innovative. The heartisans at Viswa & Devji are bound to keep the promise of bringing their dreams to reality in the form of the most unique diamond jewellery designs ever created.

Luxury is heightened jubilation


The luxury from Viswa & Devji stems from the finest details we attend to and make the jewellery opulent, comfortable and original to wear. Heartistic Luxury is not mere dressing. It's born from the heart and nurtured from the refined secrets of the art, inspirations regardless of magnitude and created to perfection.


An experience of opulence that

Mesmerizes your Heart.