Style wrapped in luxury

VDFB- 1371

This contemporary and lively stud is a picture of changing trends. With its different yet captivating design of diamond rays and the bunch of rubies that takes centre stage,…Read more

Illuminating diamonds in full blossom

VDFB- 1360

A bouquet of blossoming flowers with minute yet radiant diamonds illuminated by the presence of rubies. With 2.144 carats of diamond, 8.640 carats of ruby and 17.510 grams…Read more

Elegance, The beauty that never fades

VDFB- 1359

This perfectly shaped necklace containing 6.767 carats of diamond, 104.280 grams of gold and 31.438 carats of ruby makes a bold statement with its harmony and color. This…Read more

A bounty of gorgeous and fresh diamonds

VDFB- 1358

Nestled within this exotic pattern of interspersed diamonds is a brilliant ruby. Luminous and sophisticated in style, this pendant contains 2.850 carats of diamond, 18 grams…Read more

Draped in floral Grandeur

VDFB- 1356

This necklace festooned in flowers boldly presents a picture of luxury. Created with 7.023 carats of diamond, 78.390 grams of gold and 32.720 carats of ruby this floral garland…Read more

Embellished in scintillating beauty

VDFB- 1355

A cluster of diamonds bringing out the radiance and light of the striking rubies. A perfection in craftsmanship this pendant contains 3.706 carats of diamond, 24.670 grams…Read more