The Company

Viswa & Devji is a Retail Diamond jewellery Destination and a well organized, vertically and horizontally integrated Diamond Cutting and jewellery Manufacturing company with strong exposures to international markets and a thorough understanding on the intricacies of crafting fine jewellery.

An Impeccable History

More than five decades of experience propelled the company called Viswa & Devji to travel miles in perfecting the process of sourcing flawless diamonds found across geographical boundaries, cutting them to absolute brilliance (The Royal Cut) and making the finest of diamond jewellery.

We have an impeccable history of cutting diamonds to unmatched perfection. It is obviously seen the heart of precision in every fine piece of jewellery with our signature Royal Cut. We put on our hard work to ensemble some of the most intricate designs that have the fine distinction of traditional charm and international trends.

The Path to Perfection

The philosophy of our company is set on four key principles.

  • Quality – The only best thing to deliver is quality and the best way to deliver it is ‘delivering it consistently’.

  • Transparency – “Following ethics in principle and practice and remain absolutely transparent in all our business practices”.

  • Trust – Reliability in continually delivering value to all our people, vendors and customers.

  • Commitment – Offering customers ‘Artistic diamond jewellery with Luxurious Quality at the right price’


“Our vision is our drive. We will continue to deliver the highest of quality and inscribe our footprints wherever we institute our presence”.


With 50 years of retail presence, we feel privileged to cater to customers across the world especially in the Middle East and the Far East, US, UK and the rest of the Europe. We believe in our quality standards and our quest for understanding the customer requirements that enabled us to explore the international trends for a considerably long span of time.