The Obsession with Quality

VDFB - 1382

This elegant diamond bangle would be a beautiful addition to any wrist. This bangle has a single row of 10 cent brilliant cut diamonds from end to end and is held in high…Read more

The obsession with perfection is in everything we do

VDFB- 1375

Yellow gold and diamonds have always made beautiful companions, this bangle is a great example of that. This bangle features brilliant cut diamonds from one end to the other.…Read more

A very chic arm wear

VDFB- 1343

A golden band embedded and edged with sparkling diamonds to form this extraordinarily chic bangle. This contemporary dazzler made with 1.375 carats of diamonds and 26.200…Read more

A reflection of pure elegance and symmetry

VDFB- 1328

Miniature hexagon shaped blocks of gold, fitted with brilliant diamonds form this marvel of a ring. Fashioned with 0.922 carats of diamonds and 5.300 grams of gold, the ring…Read more

Luxury to your heart's desire

VDFB- 1306

Experience the best of luxury with this extraordinary bangle which is a symbol of pure art and precision. This spectacular piece is made with 11.950 carats of diamonds and…Read more

Crafted to charm

VDFB- 1301

Refined and subtle, this diamond piece showcases braids of minute diamonds for an intense sparkle. This delicate design is created with 3.030 carats of diamonds and 18.120…Read more

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever" - John Keats

VDFB: 1270

Made with Viswa & Devji's magnificent Diamonds elegantly adorned by little droplets of Rubies, this unique set of bangles is designed to make you shine for every occasion.…Read more

Irresistibly Elegant! A symbol of Heartistic brilliance.

VDFB: 1264

Adorned by a brilliant assembly of perfectly cut diamonds, these charming bangles are an epitome of Heartistic craftsmanship. They are made with 2.010 carats of Diamonds…Read more

In every woman's heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty.

VDFB: 1256

Elegantly crafted for the modern fem, this stylish blend of impeccable diamonds and gold over the bracelet is designed with 1.390 carats of Diamond and 21.170 grams of Gold.Read more

Magnificent creations for those who desire to be truly unique


This classic diamond bracelet is truly unique with the illusion of a teardrop shape Ruby that is held up by two diamond parrots jumping to make it their own. Made with "the…Read more