Express your personality

VDFB - 1380

These beautiful 18k white gold earrings are a beautiful array of single leaves each covered with brilliant cut diamonds. This masterpiece in design are fern-like and nestles…Read more

Adorn yourself with timeless elegance

VDFB- 1374

These earrings take on a chandelier style design, with plenty of glimmer and shine. Each earring has brilliant round, oval, pear and marquise cut diamonds that makes it shine…Read more

Luxury is heightened jubilation

VDFB- 1373

The beauty of mother of pearls set in these rose gold diamond earrings will hug your ears with love. The brilliant diamonds on the front side are crafted with care. With…Read more

Luxury in Every Detail

VDFB- 1372

Experience Royalty & Luxury with this exuberant pendant and earring. The blue lustre of the sapphires, the elegance of the pearls and the dazzle of diamonds are sure to set…Read more

Style wrapped in luxury

VDFB- 1371

This contemporary and lively stud is a picture of changing trends. With its different yet captivating design of diamond rays and the bunch of rubies that takes centre stage,…Read more

Glorious Beams of illuminating diamonds

VDFB- 1342

Beams of diamond lights diffusing its splendour from an imposing ruby elixir. This striking stud contains 0.583 carats of diamonds, 9.020 grams of gold and 0.861carats of…Read more

Marvellous and Memorable, a design for the best.

VDFB: 1340

Grandeur and regal splendour - is what is showcased in this signature design. Designed to perfection with 1.207 carats of diamonds, 9.490 grams of gold and 4.164 carats of…Read more

A picture-perfect floral design

VDFB: 1339

Petals decorated with flawless diamonds transforming every part of this marvellous ear ring with its graceful touch. It is made with 1.281 carats of diamonds and 5.730 grams…Read more

Inspirational Artistic Wonder!

VDFB- 1338

Three emeralds and one sapphire along the outer edge with rubies in-between provides a dazzling image of artistic finesse. This masterpiece is crafted with 1.524 carats of…Read more

Dazzle in little droplets of brilliance

VDFB- 1336

The ruby centrepiece connects the strands of diamonds with teardrops around its form creating absolute grandeur. Encompassed within its outline are 1.613 carats of diamonds,…Read more