Experience a mysterious allure of heartistic brill

VDFB- 1199

Simple, elegant and alluring to the eye, this stunning medallion of a pendant is the symbol of heartistic brilliance. It charms your heart and feeds you the brilliance that…Read more

A wondrous flower; through the eyes of the Heartist.


There are things the eyes cannot see and the mind cannot reason. The beauty of nature is one such thing. This pendant which captures the beauty of nature in a lightweight,…Read more

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”

VDFB- 1209

This stunning pendant has an enduring elegance which brings a touch of class to any evening look. Pendant features an intricate and open design surrounded by a collection…Read more

Some colors capture the eyes and some capture the heart.


Rubies, diamonds with white gold combine brilliantly to create a romantic design in this show-stopping pendant Jewellery. The pendant features mystery-set rich red rubies…Read more

Beauty that makes an impression on the heart seems lovely to the eyes.


This Collection is a modern interpretation of a timeless subject, worked with the finest diamonds and richest coloured rubies. Pendant creates an impressive striking effect,…Read more

The work of a Heartist is to touch another’s heart


A diamond around her neck makes the smile on her face shine even brighter. Shop the stunning breathtaking diamond pendant with a twist of timeless elegance weighing 2.749…Read more

That which is beautiful to the eyes has a special place in the heart.


For a look that truly radiates, the Aerial Eclipse Pendant is the perfect choice. The illusion of a sun is created in this timeless, yet fashionable diamond pendant, making…Read more

There comes a time in life when we find the heart we are looking for.


With its celebrated oval shaped setting, the pendant remains true to the design. Yellow gold with rubies & diamonds lends a classic elegance to this sophisticated pendant…Read more

A Gleam of sunshine to warm your heart

VDFB- 1219

A unique design that dazzles like no other, our pendant is beautiful worn on its own or as symmetrical layered pendant with other necklaces. A must-have in your jewel box,…Read more

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

VDFB- 1220

Perfect when layered with other necklaces or worn alone, this beautifully made symmetrical medallion is set with perfectly cut 1.385 carats of diamond, 9.940 gms of Gold…Read more

Enchanting beauty from the heart of the Heartist


This fashionable shape of a leaf clover & butterfly above pink sapphires adds more to your beauty. It’s the perfect diamond pendant to add some serious sparkle to any outfit…Read more

To be Heartistic is to discover unexplored routes, to find new, unpredictable styles

VDFB: 1230

This unique blend of the finest diamonds, emeralds and tanzanite is a true Viswa & Devji masterpiece. The beautiful curls around the gems make it classy when worn with any…Read more

Quality, Craftsmanship & Attention to detail are the cornerstone of all our creations.

VDFB: 1231

This combination of elegance with luxury is an exquisite creation that would fit perfectly with any attire. This fashionable pendant has 0.674 carats of diamond, 5.560 grams…Read more

Heartistic Luxury is being able to acquire that which no one has

VDFB: 1233

Exclusively designed for the modern culture, the diamonds and the sapphires over the onyx would keep you mesmerized. The wardrobe craves for such an elegant pendant. Luxury…Read more

To be Heartistic is to be able to break away from the shackles of being good to creating extraordinary designs.

VDFB: 1234

This marvel of a pendant with the most exquisite diamonds in spiral and ruby is crafted with 1.122 carats of diamond, 7.220 grams of gold and 18.800 carats of ruby.Read more

Discover Heartistic Luxury in our stunning creations inspired by the beauty of the world.

VDFB: 1235

The combination of ruby and sapphire bordered by the diamonds on the top adds to the richness of this beautiful pendant. This masterpiece is sure to steal your heart. This…Read more

It is not with our eyes that we see nature, but with our hearts.

VDFB: 1236

The nature holds the key to this distinctive design. By the virtue of being made from the finest of diamonds and pink sapphires, the magnificence in this pendant is pictured…Read more

Exquisite, Brilliant, Graceful

VDFB: 1237

Want to add a touch of grandiose to your modern ensemble? Look no further. Encased in gold with elegant carvings, the diamonds and the rubies along with the emerald droppings…Read more

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit" – Aristotle.

VDFB: 1238

Exclusively designed for the modern you. This looped pendant with a vibrant concoction of gems and diamonds holds gold weighing 5.730 grams, diamonds weighing 0.900 carats,…Read more

People of excellence go the extra mile to do what's right.

VDFB: 1239

What a swirl, what a whirl, what a mind blowing scintillation of gold and diamonds to portray elegance! This stylish masterpiece will be beyond excellence for every occasion.…Read more

Every design crafted is yet another answer of a Heartist.

VDFB- 1240

This unique pendant is meticulously carved to perfectly fit in diamond by diamond, ruby by ruby to portray the Heartistic luxury. This celestial combination of rubies and…Read more

The epitome of uniqueness!

VDFB: 1241

This stylish contour of luminous diamonds are arranged on gold and held together with rubies in the center to reveal absolute exquisiteness. This bedazzling pendant is an…Read more

Emotions that awaken you!

VDFB: 1245

When it comes to diamonds in jewelry, perfection is everything. This pendant captures the intricacy of ruby and the aesthetic perfection of diamonds in ways never before…Read more

A Masterpiece, unique and incomparable!

VDFB: 1246

This pendant, dazed by the brilliant assembly of perfectly cut diamonds is the epitome of Heartistic craftsmanship. This celestial beauty of a pendant conveys both grandeur…Read more

"Art takes nature as its model" - Aristotle

VDFB: 1247

Inspired by nature?s beauty, this pendant holds perfection at the wisp of every contour and is evenly spread till the end. This pendant is designed with 1.240 carats of Diamond…Read more

Embodiment of Elegance!

VDFB: 1249

The elegant swirls and curls in this beautiful ring are intricately entwined together in an ensemble of diamonds and gold. Let what you love be in what you adorn. This classic…Read more

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time" - Thomas Merton

VDFB: 1250

The great sign of artistry is the everlasting mark it leaves on you. Artistically simple, yet unbelievably complex, this pendant holds 2.070 carats of Diamond and 5.730 grams…Read more

Envision your heart’s desire and then comes the art with it.

VDFB- 1254

The dazzling diamonds and the vibrant gold epitomize the opulence and grandeur of the pendant. Elegantly designed for the modern fem, this will look outstanding on any attire.…Read more

Heartistic mastery that creates an ever-present touch of elegance.

VDFB: 1262

nspired by organic leaf shapes, this brilliant pendant with its array of perfect Royal-cut Diamonds is a work of excellence. This elegant pendant is made with 2.617 carats…Read more

An alluring hemisphere of celestial beauty

VDFB: 1266

Designed to accent your neckline, this tantalizing pendant shines from every angle. Intricately crafted with impeccable royal cut diamonds, this pendent carries 1.600 carats…Read more

Feel the elegance and the graceful splendor of the magnificent Mother of Pearl collection.

VDFB: 1277

This elegant pendant with luxurious mother of pearl and brilliant diamonds is held together by gold to give the appearance of a blossoming flower. It is made with 0.750 carats…Read more

Produced in the deep oceans of the world, our “Oceanic Treasures” exudes in its enticing elegance.

VDFB: 1278

This celestial pendant with alternative golden petals of diamonds and mother of pearl makes a statement of pure femininity. This enticing pendant is made with 0.570 carats…Read more

A touch of magic.

VDFB: 1280

Inspired by a delicate flower, the dazzling diamonds and gold work in a new way to accentuate the timeless beauty of the mother of pearl. This beautiful pendant is made with…Read more

Eternity begins and ends with the ocean’s tides


Inspired by the organic shapes of the ocean, this marvelous pendant is a perfect example of Viswa & Devji’s Heartistic finesse. It is made with 0.310 carats of diamonds,…Read more

Beautiful treasures of the ocean; once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.


This versatile pendant combines fashion, luxury and functionality. It is made with 0.940 carats of diamonds, 4.380 grams of gold and 5.300 carats of mother of pearl.Read more

An expression of absolute purity & distinct design


Grace and simplicity in its finest form. This beautiful pendant with a single magnificent mother of pearl held in place with a series of diamonds on gold, is made to be eternally…Read more

Enchanting hearts with Unique, Inimitable designs


Inspired by the fluid shapes of the ocean, this unique pendant made with the finest of Viswa & Devji?s Diamonds and Mother of pearl, is a symbol of ultimate luxury. This…Read more

Regally crafted with a blend of grace and perfection

VDFB- 1299

Made with the most brilliant Royal Cut diamonds, this marvelous pendant is inspired by the everlasting grace of nature. This one-of-a kind piece contains 1.532 carats of…Read more

Butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life and everyone deserves a little sunshine.


The marvelous shimmers of our royal cut diamonds and our craftsmanship inspired by nature’s fluttering beauties make this pendant truly one of a kind. This signature piece…Read more

Sparked by passion. Crafted with flair.

VDFB- 1305

Add a touch of sparkle to your look with this pendant featuring a floral design framed in gold and exquisite Royal Cut Diamonds. This dazzling pendant containing 1.838 carats…Read more

Exquisite beauty in turns and twists

VDFB- 1308

A creation of abundant beauty and craftsmanship, this rare and uncommon pendant contains 1.182 carats of diamond.Read more

Splendid abundance of luxury

VDFB- 1310

This lavish pendant is made with matt-finished gold draped by copious diamonds. This design that teems with life contains 1.340 carats of diamond and 8.980 grams of gold…Read more

The Passion to be Extraordinary

VDFB- 1315

Entwined in a train of gold, the ornate diamonds are elaborately embellished in carefully constructed rows; each row magnifying the grace of myriads of diamonds. With enhanced…Read more

Ravishing curves of liveliness

VDFB- 1319

Exhibiting a beehive of activity, symmetrically arranged tsavorite stones shine their lustre surrounded by diamond leaves. This delightful work of art contains 2.858 carats…Read more

An indelible opulent creation

VDFB- 1329

A pearl stands out majestically shielded by countless diamonds. This pendant containing 1.790 carats of diamonds, 10.190 grams of gold and 3.760 carats of pearl is a singular…Read more

Celebrate the ageless elegance of the jewel.

VDFB- 1344

An array of round brilliant diamonds, pearls, emerald and pink sapphire are embedded into the majestic hues of gold adding a touch of royalty, awe and charm to the wearer.…Read more

“To love beauty is to see light.” - Victor Hugo

VDFB- 1347

Petals arched downwards - in full bloom - with minute, precise and refined light from within signifying growth, love and freshness. Conveying nature’s best piece this pendant…Read more

The Solitary Charmer

VDFB- 1348

A dazzling ruby with charming diamond rays radiating from its centre is the beauty of this pristine yet elegant pendant. Simplifying life in its elements, this charmer contains…Read more

From a flower to butterfly, our love was meant to beautifully flutter

VDFB: 1351

A pink sapphire encased in strands of diamonds upon which is perched a transformed butterfly ready to take flight. Embodying everything natural and the best gifts of nature…Read more

Elegant, Ageless & Mesmerizing

VDFB- 1352

Diamond swirling petals bearing secrets that are worth holding onto becomes a beautiful symbol of love with the pink sapphires in the middle. This symbol of a perfect and…Read more

A harmonious unity of nature's finest

VDFB- 1353

This teardrop shaped pendant encompassing earth’s finest elements is brought to life in a flash of brilliance. Unassuming yet showing depth and character this piece of…Read more

Embellished in scintillating beauty

VDFB- 1355

A cluster of diamonds bringing out the radiance and light of the striking rubies. A perfection in craftsmanship this pendant contains 3.706 carats of diamond, 24.670 grams…Read more

A bounty of gorgeous and fresh diamonds

VDFB- 1358

Nestled within this exotic pattern of interspersed diamonds is a brilliant ruby. Luminous and sophisticated in style, this pendant contains 2.850 carats of diamond, 18 grams…Read more

Illuminating diamonds in full blossom

VDFB- 1360

A bouquet of blossoming flowers with minute yet radiant diamonds illuminated by the presence of rubies. With 2.144 carats of diamond, 8.640 carats of ruby and 17.510 grams…Read more

Swirls of Splendor

VDFB- 1361

This pendant rhythmically swirls into a cone revealing its everlasting splendor in creation and execution. Formed painstakingly with 0.370 carats of diamond, 4.920 grams…Read more

Twists of Fascination

VDFB- 1363

This brilliant pendant is adorned with minute yet intriguing royal cut diamonds. Crafted with care and with 0.650 carats of diamonds, 5.550 grams of gold and 3.420 carats…Read more

Dazzles.. but never fades away

VDFB- 1364

A dandelion seed ready to be dispersed by the wind but sticks onto the twig in this amazing conglomerate, proud to stand magnetized to each other and shining in the process.…Read more

Fabulous in execution and style

VDFB- 1366

This timeless design reveals the curves of life, which connect and eventually create a beautiful treasure. With 1.826 carats of diamond and 9.7 grams of gold this pendant…Read more

For a celebration of purity and prosperous

VDFB- 1367

A calm and serene diamond studded pendant of Lord Venkatachalapathy. This pendant crafted with 5.370 carats of diamonds, 56.320 carats of gold and 0.300 carats of ruby signifies…Read more

A reflection of mastery

VDFB- 1368

A precious treasure that leaves one intrigued with reverence. Reflecting mastery in its design this pendant contains 2.666 carats of diamond, 10.030 grams of gold and 0.887…Read more

Delicate in perfection and beauty

VDFB- 1369

Dazzling diamonds and pink sapphire from an ethnic yet contemporary canopy of lights. This marvelous pendant contains 0.080 carats of diamonds, 6.410 grams of gold and 14.170…Read more

Luxury in Every Detail

VDFB- 1372

Experience Royalty & Luxury with this exuberant pendant and earring. The blue lustre of the sapphires, the elegance of the pearls and the dazzle of diamonds are sure to set…Read more

Extreme dedication

VDFB- 1377

This is a beautiful flower diamond pendant, that has a unique design in the middle. The surface of the flower pattern is covered with a brilliant array of diamonds. The flower…Read more

Extraordinarily Elegant

VDFB - 1381

Make this Artistic Peacock Diamond Pendant with a part of your Jewelry collection. Made of high quality 18K polished yellow gold with intricate detailing combined with brilliant…Read more

Obsessed with Splendour

VDFB - 1385

This mesmerizing pendant is beautifully crafted with rose gold and brilliantly cut diamonds. Every bit of the petal is covered with luxurious diamonds making it sparkle with…Read more

Obsessed with Style

VDFB - 1386

This beautiful ballerina pendant is the ideal way to add a whimsical touch to your collection. Delicately crafted and comprised of 0.300 cts of diamonds, this Ballerina pendant…Read more

Obsessed with Aristocracy

VDFB - 1388

This enduring and alluring pink sapphire studded pendant exhibits its own uniqueness. The feminine and romantic pendant has Pink Sapphires graciously placed as a bed on white…Read more

A perfect symbol of Everlasting Romance

VDFB - 1389

Dazzling doll in swirls of illuminating diamonds, a perfect blend of style and elegance. This stunning 18k White Gold Diamond Pendant is truly one of a kind! This beautiful…Read more

A pendant designed to showcase the holiness and divinity of Lord Shiva

VDFB - 1390

Feel the power of the Adiyogi in diamonds. This elegantly crafted Lord Shiva pendant, embodying our respect for the divinity of Adiyogi, is made of 0.750 carats of sparkling…Read more