From the souls of the blooming flowers

VDFB- 1203

Flowers are the sweetest souls in all of nature. Watching them bloom is an experience and we wanted to capture it in this most exquisite heartistic creation. Lightweight,…Read more

Design is to the heart what music is to the ears


Great Design is the culmination of understanding the method of creation and excellence in execution. You know it when you see a great design. Your heart beats faster. Your…Read more

The breathtaking beauty of the morning dew

VDFB- 1205

The morning dew on the tender green is a sight to behold. An enchanting beauty that charms our soul. What if we could capture the morning dew on the tender greens? What if…Read more

A spectacular bloom, from the heart of a Heartist.


From one heartist to another, we understand you are on the quest for experiencing new worlds than the norm. The heartisans at Viswa & Devji give life to this dream. What…Read more

Reflecting the grace of nature

VDFB- 1208

There comes a time when we have to surrender to the grace and unimaginable beauty of nature. Small forms reflect and adorn the grand schemes of nature. Our heartisans were…Read more

A mesmerizing bouquet from the heart


A true show stopping look. The Aerial Elegance Necklace displays a bold fringe of diamonds accented by the illusions of diamond flowers on each end, sitting closely to the…Read more

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”


It is a symbol of power, splendour and significance. The latest incarnation of this iconic treasure is shown here with magnificent radiant, curve shaped designs perfectly…Read more

The heart knows when it has found


A truly show stopping look, diamond necklace features Kinite 23.060 carats, Emerald 23.230 carats, Orange Sapphire 3.110 carats of Gems with 6.640 carats of perfectly cut…Read more

The head thinks; the hand labors and the heart celebrates


This Diamond Necklace is perfect for a special occasion. It suits for any outfit, tiers of diamonds with gold layer around the neck for a bold, dazzling style that will stand…Read more

A Creation of Divine Perfection


Although there are a number of divine attributes which receive a lot of attention, there is none quite so important for artists as the general principle of absolute perfection…Read more

"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection." - Michelangelo

VDFB: 1244

The genuine and the most solicitous minds are those which love art and color the most. The sparkling amethysts and the perfectly cut diamonds held together by the emerald…Read more

Remarkable Grandeur!

VDFB: 1248

In all things of grandeur there is something of the marvelous. This splendid necklace holds 14.677 carats of Diamond and 85.550 grams of Gold.Read more

True art evokes your senses, awakens your spirit and tickles your mind.

VDFB: 1251

Luxuriously rare, perfectly cut diamonds that depicts Heartistic brilliance. This necklace is exquisitely designed to embellish the neckline and enhance the eyes. This beautiful…Read more

A beautiful articulation of sheer luxury

VDFB: 1258

This opulent diamond necklace stands out because of its sheer charming grandeur. It holds the most powerful brilliance in its most delicate proportions. This magnificent…Read more

Mesmerizing designs crafted with the best of diamonds.

VDFB: 1259

Beautiful waves of luminous diamonds are arranged on gold to reveal absolute exquisiteness. This breathtaking construction features 7.630 carats of Diamond, 46.630 grams…Read more

Elegance. From the eyes of the Heartisans.

VDFB: 1272

This splendid necklace is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. It features a fabulous array of precious royal cut diamonds beautifully held together in gold. This precious necklace…Read more

The great sign of artistry is the everlasting mark it leaves on you.

VDFB: 1273

Simply stunning!! This beautiful necklace with Viswa & Devji?s wonderful Royal Cut Diamonds and Gold is perfect for weddings and special occasions. It is made with 10.299…Read more

Graceful extravagance emboldened with diamonds

VDFB- 1304

A marvellous creation that is sophisticated yet natural, emphasizes pure art and precision. This spectacular creation is created with 14.70 carats of diamonds, 136.260 grams…Read more

A sparkling allure, an elegant charm.

VDFB- 1307

This is a rare beauty studded with bounteous array of diamonds and a glorious set of rubies. This fine piece consists of 2.548 carats of diamonds, 2.146 carats of rubies…Read more

Shine a million lights

VDFB- 1313

Glisten in exuding lights of infinitely pure diamonds. This attractive showpiece displays impeccable art and workmanship. Flaunt your desire in this one in a million choker…Read more

Extraordinary Expressions of Beauty

VDFB- 1314

Inspired by ancient art and perfected by contemporary artistry this piece is set apart for those who embrace aristocracy. Stand distinct with this choker neckpiece containing…Read more

Because everything we do needs to be Extraordinary

VDFB- 1316

A whirlpool of multiple diamonds fastened to strings of intense pearls together with a scintillating tanzanite stone taking centrepiece in all its brilliance. Vivid and attractive…Read more

A Celebration of the Extraordinary

VDFB- 1317

Ethnic and elegant, these exclusive diamond swirls of traditional motifs and designs create an elegant yet contemporary look. With precise attention to detail this neckpiece…Read more

The Extraordinary Spirit of Creation

VDFB- 1318

Etched in an interconnected mesh of glittering strands, these multitudinous diamonds leave a bed for embossed flowers. The ruby teardrop centrepiece adds nature’s finest…Read more

Rare opulence displayed in brilliance


This never-ending garland displaying floral flamboyance is formed by Royal Cut Diamonds hovering over perfectly carved Rubies. This timeless creation depicting verve and…Read more

Luxury; wrapped in abundance

VDFB- 1321

A symmetrical design of unblemished diamonds mounted on gold and wrapped into stunning spirals. Enclosed in its vastness is 13.165 carats of diamonds and 150.900 grams of…Read more

Droplets Of Majestic Floral Brilliance

VDFB- 1235

Creating an astounding imagery of affluence, the rows of diamonds throughout the breadth of the necklace connects unbroken floral designs in gold embellished with diamonds.…Read more

Elaborate and Ethnic

VDFB- 1332

Renew your passion for diamond jewellery with this magnificent piece that pairs a beautiful white peacock. Made with 16.939 carats of diamonds, 102.710 grams of gold and…Read more

Designed for the contemporary at heart

VDFB: 1337

A garland of circular rows of diamonds with tiny radiant stars in between, this necklace featuring 8.359 carats of diamonds and 39.910 grams of gold is an elegant and graceful…Read more

Chains of studded glory!

VDFB- 1341

Three chains, similar and singular with diamonds arranged with precision and care. Containing 14.971 carats of diamonds and 33.370 grams of gold this necklace is stately…Read more

Pure, Precious & Passionate

VDFB- 1345

Discover timeless elegance with this contemporary necklace that begins with leaves studded in blue and pink sapphire and flowers mastered in diamonds. This enduring creation…Read more

The One for those precious moments.

VDFB- 1346

This gorgeous floral pendant shines a light illuminating life’s precious moments . Created with 2.684 carats of diamonds, 23.990 grams of gold and 11.959 carats of pearl,…Read more

A mesmerizing symbol of love.

VDFB- 1350

This necklace that possesses diamonds in its purest form accentuates its wealth, creating a special sensation of connecting the soul to this impeccable treasure. Crafted…Read more

Showcasing mastery and quality

VDFB- 1354

Jewels wrapped in color, order and perfection in this one of a kind necklace. Bearing 8.200 carats of diamond, 50 grams of gold and 86.230 carats of emerald this stunning…Read more

Draped in floral Grandeur

VDFB- 1356

This necklace festooned in flowers boldly presents a picture of luxury. Created with 7.023 carats of diamond, 78.390 grams of gold and 32.720 carats of ruby this floral garland…Read more

Exquisite in form and style

VDFB- 1357

Regal, showy and pristine in design and looks, this ravishing necklace contains 9.225 carats of diamond and 60.820 grams of gold. Oval shaped rings are dappled with shining…Read more

Elegance, The beauty that never fades

VDFB- 1359

This perfectly shaped necklace containing 6.767 carats of diamond, 104.280 grams of gold and 31.438 carats of ruby makes a bold statement with its harmony and color. This…Read more

Rows of Elegance

VDFB- 1362

Beautiful Yellow diamonds embossed atop exquisite Royal cut diamonds which are interspersed at regular intervals in rows of elegance. Crafted with 46.040 carats of diamond…Read more

Majestically brilliant and illuminated

VDFB- 1365

A vibrant treasure, special for its design, uniqueness and a true reflection of exuberance and liveliness. Dynamic in form and possessing innate beauty, this awe-inspiring…Read more

Creating is the foremost human endeavor

VDFB- 1379

Are you looking for a unique, modern yet classy neck jewelry? This extravagant diamond necklace might be just what you are looking for. It is a 17.710 carat, yellow gold…Read more

Obsessed with grandeur

VDFB - 1383

This splendid necklace has been carefully crafted with great attention to detail. It consists of 4.685 cts of brilliant diamonds along with 76.000 cts of gems set in 92.350…Read more

Obsessed with Opulence

VDFB - 1384

This marvelous 18k yellow gold necklace consists of brilliantly cut diamonds that are artistically crafted to catch everyone’s eyes. It is made with 18.610 carats of Diamonds,…Read more

Obsessed with Elegance

VDFB - 1387

An exquisite neck piece that transcends the uniqueness of diamonds at Viswa & Devji. This necklace offers a beautiful array of both gold and brilliant cut diamonds. It consists…Read more