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Exceptional quality and uniqueness of design is what gives Viswa & Devji the reputation of unparalleled distinction in the jewellery industry. Our designs are innovative and fresh, yet classy, sophisticated and original. Crafted to the highest standards in house by our unique design process and expert craftsmen, customers can be assured of quality and excellence.


Distinctive, Unique & Inspiring

We believe jewellery is an expression of your personality and everyone deserves a piece of jewellery that is special and unique to their tastes and desires. Our in-house jewellery designers and diamond experts are inspired by this ideology, designing and crafting a piece that is as special and unique as you are. Our Heartisans enable you to bring your ideas and dreams to life in a piece of jewellery that was designed just for you; a piece that you will treasure and will be proud to pass down to future generations.

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Designer jewellery

Designing a custom piece of jewellery is an amazing way to demonstrate how well you know your heart. A custom-designed jewellery is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind representation of your unique taste and relationship. If you have a vision in mind of what you want your custom engagement ring or wedding ring or any diamond jewellery to look like, design your own with the help of our heartisans.

Our designers have created thousands of jewellery designs for men and women, and they are excited to design something unique for you. Our design process simply allows you to be fully involved with every step of the way. Our designers will work with you to develop a unique design that reflects your vision and budget. A combination of the latest design technology and superior craftsmanship will produce diamond jewellery that you will adore and cherish.

Absolute involvement is reinforced with the presence of our design team during discussions to give birth to your ideas and suggestions and a clear picture is given through sketches and models. Our custom jewellery is crafted onsite and in view of the clients, involving them in the creation and service of their precious jewellery. The creation of a custom jewellery in its uniqueness usually takes 3 to 6 weeks in total.

Custom jewellery is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind representation of
your unique taste and relationship.