Obsessed with Opulence

VDFB - 1384

This marvelous 18k yellow gold necklace consists of brilliantly cut diamonds that are artistically crafted to catch everyone’s eyes. It is made with 18.610 carats of Diamonds,…Read more

Style wrapped in luxury

VDFB- 1371

This contemporary and lively stud is a picture of changing trends. With its different yet captivating design of diamond rays and the bunch of rubies that takes centre stage,…Read more

A reflection of mastery

VDFB- 1368

A precious treasure that leaves one intrigued with reverence. Reflecting mastery in its design this pendant contains 2.666 carats of diamond, 10.030 grams of gold and 0.887…Read more

Showcasing mastery and quality

VDFB- 1354

Jewels wrapped in color, order and perfection in this one of a kind necklace. Bearing 8.200 carats of diamond, 50 grams of gold and 86.230 carats of emerald this stunning…Read more