Obsessed with Opulence

VDFB - 1384

This marvelous 18k yellow gold necklace consists of brilliantly cut diamonds that are artistically crafted to catch everyone’s eyes. It is made with 18.610 carats of Diamonds,…Read more

Creating is the foremost human endeavor

VDFB- 1379

Are you looking for a unique, modern yet classy neck jewelry? This extravagant diamond necklace might be just what you are looking for. It is a 17.710 carat, yellow gold…Read more

Extreme dedication

VDFB- 1377

This is a beautiful flower diamond pendant, that has a unique design in the middle. The surface of the flower pattern is covered with a brilliant array of diamonds. The flower…Read more

The Obsession with Uniqueness

VDFB- 1376

This preciously crafted and uniquely designed onyx diamond ring will surpass everyone’s imagination. This masterpiece is made from 18K rose gold and is adorned with brilliant…Read more

Adorn yourself with timeless elegance

VDFB- 1374

These earrings take on a chandelier style design, with plenty of glimmer and shine. Each earring has brilliant round, oval, pear and marquise cut diamonds that makes it shine…Read more

A reflection of mastery

VDFB- 1368

A precious treasure that leaves one intrigued with reverence. Reflecting mastery in its design this pendant contains 2.666 carats of diamond, 10.030 grams of gold and 0.887…Read more

Majestically brilliant and illuminated

VDFB- 1365

A vibrant treasure, special for its design, uniqueness and a true reflection of exuberance and liveliness. Dynamic in form and possessing innate beauty, this awe-inspiring…Read more

"The true work of art is a shadow of the divine perfection" - Michelangelo

VDFB: 1271

This glorious Oddiyanam with goddess Lakshmi in the center and diamond adorned Elephants and Lotuses on either side is a celebration of our rich heritage and a true work…Read more

Design is to the heart what music is to the ears


Great Design is the culmination of understanding the method of creation and excellence in execution. You know it when you see a great design. Your heart beats faster. Your…Read more

From the souls of the blooming flowers

VDFB- 1203

Flowers are the sweetest souls in all of nature. Watching them bloom is an experience and we wanted to capture it in this most exquisite heartistic creation. Lightweight,…Read more