Your heart whispers, so listen carefully


A modern yet feminine collection featuring the rarest rubies and emeralds glowing with deep beautifully complemented by sparkling diamonds. This design is one of elegance…Read more

Brilliance, like nature, is eternal


A beautiful classic style diamond drop earrings with evergreen emeralds featured in this beloved design are perfect for adding elegant glamour to any occasion. Dazzling in…Read more

A touch of nature for your heart!


Every sinew, every straw, leaf and blade of grass bedazzles the eye of the beholder, but only if you open your senses to the powers of creation. Our artisans captured that…Read more

The heart already knows what the mind can only dream of. Trust your heart.


These stunning diamond drop earrings are dripping in perfectly cut diamonds. They feature a fresh twist on the classic infinity design with the signature scalloped edges…Read more

Inspired by nature that creates small things with great love


Modern yet timeless diamond drop earrings with a subtle flower design featured in the large cluster of perfectly cut diamonds with 1.231 carats of diamonds, 7.750 gms of…Read more

These gems have life in them, their colors speak, say what words fail of. - George Eliot

VDFB: 1253

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. The perfectly studded diamonds are highlighted by the glittering rubies on either side to add to a boost of colorful beauty.…Read more

To be enthralled by nature's beauty is to be enchanted by boundless love.

VDFB: 1265

Inspired by the beauty of nature and crafted for moments that take your breath away, this lovely set of ear rings will add a magical sparkle to any outfit. This timeless…Read more

Listen to the secrets of the Oceans.


This lustrous stud made with the finest of Viswa & Devji?s Diamonds and Mother of pearl, is crafted to charm hearts with its incomparable craftsmanship. It is made with 0.960…Read more

Cherished secrets of the oceans.


The magic of the mother of pearl and a spellbinding array of royal cut diamonds held together in a one of a kind fluid design makes this set of earrings truly exclusive.…Read more

A dazzling spectacle of Heartistic Brilliance


These radiant earrings made with the finest of Viswa & Devji?s Diamonds and Mother of pearl, is fashioned to charm hearts with its unique craftsmanship. It is made with 2.060…Read more

Radiant, Remarkable and Rare

VDFB -1297

These beautiful earrings made with the finest of Viswa & Devji?s Diamonds and Mother of pearl, is fashioned to charm hearts with its organic shapes and glorious craftsmanship.…Read more

‘Be like a peacock and dance with all of your beauty’ - Debasish Mridha

VDFB- 1298

This finely detailed pair of earrings coupled with splendid diamonds showcases the curves of an Indian peacock. It is crafted to perfection with 1.501 carats of diamonds,…Read more

A stately design captivating the essence of luxury.

VDFB- 1303

An intriguing and brilliant design outlining stunning birds in flight. This striking piece contains 1.126 carats of diamonds and 14.430 grams of gold.Read more

Flaunt your love for scarlet lustre

VDFB- 1311

Diamond scarlet teardrops on leaf-like patterns with embellished diamonds create this fabulous masterpiece. Incorporating 0.653 carats of diamond, 4.170 grams of gold and…Read more

Passionate Elegance

VDFB- 1312

Like the shining of a star on a cloudless night, this star-shaped pattern replete with exuberant diamonds is bound to make you shine. Sparkled for an evening on a special…Read more

Mesmerizing purity as treasured as love

VDFB- 1322

This brilliant set of Ear Rings is embedded with Royal Cut Diamonds and perfectly fashioned rubies in a mystical leaf-like structure. This classic treasure made of 0.441…Read more

Rows Of Tantalizing Brilliance

VDFB- 1323

This set of ear rings has an orbital curve of sparkling gold paved by rows of diamonds. This prodigious creation contains 1.753 carats of diamond and 22.100 grams of gold.…Read more

Be enchanted by the extraordinary beauty of the butterfly

VDFB- 1324

Exhibiting a flower with opulent nectar, this stud is dappled with diagonally spaced  diamonds and a magnificent butterfly. Simply sublime, this stud contains 0.754 carats…Read more

Spiralling to infinity

VDFB- 1326

Crafted with golden spirals embedded with Royal cut diamonds, this set reveals the depth of artistic wonder. This wonderful set of ear rings contain 2.340 carats of diamonds…Read more

Illustrious design fit for the best

VDFB- 1331

Golden teardrops crafted with radiant diamonds. Viswa & Devji's exquisite Royal Cut Diamonds are placed on the design to create this fabulous and picture perfect stud containing…Read more

Magnificently created in gorgeous light

VDFB- 1334

This elaborate and detailed stud contains the elements of rich culture and antiquity. Dispersed with Viswa & Devji's Royal Cut Diamonds this piece contains 2.821 carats of…Read more

Admire beauty for all its grace

VDFB- 1335

Bearing traditional patterns and antique qualities, this stud features richness in totality. Containing 2.337 carats of diamonds, 10.490 grams of gold and 0.882 carats of…Read more

Dazzle in little droplets of brilliance

VDFB- 1336

The ruby centrepiece connects the strands of diamonds with teardrops around its form creating absolute grandeur. Encompassed within its outline are 1.613 carats of diamonds,…Read more

Inspirational Artistic Wonder!

VDFB- 1338

Three emeralds and one sapphire along the outer edge with rubies in-between provides a dazzling image of artistic finesse. This masterpiece is crafted with 1.524 carats of…Read more

A picture-perfect floral design

VDFB: 1339

Petals decorated with flawless diamonds transforming every part of this marvellous ear ring with its graceful touch. It is made with 1.281 carats of diamonds and 5.730 grams…Read more

Marvellous and Memorable, a design for the best.

VDFB: 1340

Grandeur and regal splendour - is what is showcased in this signature design. Designed to perfection with 1.207 carats of diamonds, 9.490 grams of gold and 4.164 carats of…Read more

Glorious Beams of illuminating diamonds

VDFB- 1342

Beams of diamond lights diffusing its splendour from an imposing ruby elixir. This striking stud contains 0.583 carats of diamonds, 9.020 grams of gold and 0.861carats of…Read more

Sparkle a little brighter

VDFB- 1370

A teardrop shaped earring studded with minute diamonds on its edges and intricate golden swirls that preserve a dazzling ruby in the centre. The earring comes together with…Read more

Style wrapped in luxury

VDFB- 1371

This contemporary and lively stud is a picture of changing trends. With its different yet captivating design of diamond rays and the bunch of rubies that takes centre stage,…Read more

Luxury is heightened jubilation

VDFB- 1373

The beauty of mother of pearls set in these rose gold diamond earrings will hug your ears with love. The brilliant diamonds on the front side are crafted with care. With…Read more

Adorn yourself with timeless elegance

VDFB- 1374

These earrings take on a chandelier style design, with plenty of glimmer and shine. Each earring has brilliant round, oval, pear and marquise cut diamonds that makes it shine…Read more

Express your personality

VDFB - 1380

These beautiful 18k white gold earrings are a beautiful array of single leaves each covered with brilliant cut diamonds. This masterpiece in design are fern-like and nestles…Read more