Delicate in perfection and beauty

VDFB- 1369

Dazzling diamonds and pink sapphire from an ethnic yet contemporary canopy of lights. This marvelous pendant contains 0.080 carats of diamonds, 6.410 grams of gold and 14.170…Read more

Dazzles.. but never fades away

VDFB- 1364

A dandelion seed ready to be dispersed by the wind but sticks onto the twig in this amazing conglomerate, proud to stand magnetized to each other and shining in the process.…Read more

Elegant, Ageless & Mesmerizing

VDFB- 1352

Diamond swirling petals bearing secrets that are worth holding onto becomes a beautiful symbol of love with the pink sapphires in the middle. This symbol of a perfect and…Read more

From a flower to butterfly, our love was meant to beautifully flutter

VDFB: 1351

A pink sapphire encased in strands of diamonds upon which is perched a transformed butterfly ready to take flight. Embodying everything natural and the best gifts of nature…Read more