The Maker

We at Viswa & Devji, the makers of the finest of diamond jewellery since half a century experience jewellery making as an art.

Our brand evolved with a clear state of perfection in bringing the brilliance of our Heartistic vision to the craft of making jewellery. The precision allured the attention of those who wish the luxury and distinction in their choice of wearing exquisite jewellery. We always sought creativity with attention to details in bringing the craftsmanship well bound with impeccable finish. And it makes our jewellery adorable once you wear it.

Quality, craftsmanship and attention to details are the cornerstone of all our creations.


Our speciality is design and in the manufacturing of quality, wearable, original jewellery. We focused on the creation of most comfortable and beautiful jewellery beyond imagination. Craftsmanship, comfort and exquisiteness define the luxury of possessing our jewellery and elevate the experience of Heartistic Luxury. We stand out by the virtue of our unique, personalized jewellery and our commitment to “making-it-right-the-first-time” using the finest materials and workmanship.

All our jewellery design carries the mark of uniqueness and made indigenously incorporating new metal treatments and expertly cut gemstones of all species. And all our designs are one-of-a-kind Heartistic creations and are, by nature, subject to the first buyer.

A round brilliant cut with an ideal cut grade is considered rare as it roughly represents just 3% of quality cut diamonds. 'The Royal Cut' diamonds of Viswa & Devji are even rarer as they not only carry the highest cut grade (ideal cut) but also highest grades for polish and symmetry.

Royal Cut Diamonds

Our Royal Cut diamonds are the finest of sawn rough diamonds cut to brilliance with Viswa & Devji’s special take on cutting diamonds. Perfected and refined over half a century, our Royal Cut diamonds have a unique lustre and exhibit a rare brilliance, that steals the hearts of the beholder.

Diamond Cutting – An Intricate And Sentient Process

We meticulously choose diamonds from the rare genre of sawn rough diamonds that carry astounding crystal formations. We then cut them to finer dimensions with utmost precision understanding the distinct features of each diamond, conferring upon them the ideal cut grade, symmetry and polish. We make the rendering so accurate that it disperses light to the maximum extent.

During the process, we also ensure that the cutting process consumes only a minimum weight loss and attribute maximum brilliance to the diamond, taking into account the preliminary size and shape of the diamond. We strive to retain our focus on precision with patience and expertise in cut, even in its smallest measure.

The Making

While the maker of an art is a voyager, his making is an eventful journey, a journey he meticulously undertakes. In the journey of ‘making Heartistic jewellery’, the finest of methods we adopt in the process of jewellery making enable you to understand what it goes into the making of exquisite jewellery that you love to flaunt.

We possess:

  • State-of-the-art and the most advanced diamond jewellery manufacturing facility with microscopic and pressure setting of diamond stones

  • One of the largest and the most advanced R&D in the field of diamond jewellery continuously churning out unique design trends that set the pace in the market

  • One of the largest design portfolio of active diamond jewellery designs

  • Most integrated jewellery organization with major presence from sourcing up to retailing

  • Most experienced, talented and dedicated team of diamond jewellery designers

With over 100 new designs launched every month, our diamond jewellery designers dream up new worlds and they are manufactured with world-class technology and precision that render the charm of magnificence in its splendor.