VDFB- 1370

A teardrop shaped earring studded with minute diamonds on its edges and intricate golden swirls that preserve a dazzling ruby in the centre. The earring comes together with…Read more

VDFB- 1369

Dazzling diamonds and pink sapphire from an ethnic yet contemporary canopy of lights. This marvelous pendant contains 0.080 carats of diamonds, 6.410 grams of gold and 14.170…Read more

VDFB- 1368

A precious treasure that leaves one intrigued with reverence. Reflecting mastery in its design this pendant contains 2.666 carats of diamond, 10.030 grams of gold and 0.887…Read more

VDFB- 1367

A calm and serene diamond studded pendant of Lord Venkatachalapathy. This pendant crafted with 5.370 carats of diamonds, 56.320 carats of gold and 0.300 carats of ruby signifies…Read more

VDFB- 1366

This timeless design reveals the curves of life, which connect and eventually create a beautiful treasure. With 1.826 carats of diamond and 9.7 grams of gold this pendant…Read more

VDFB- 1365

A vibrant treasure, special for its design, uniqueness and a true reflection of exuberance and liveliness. Dynamic in form and possessing innate beauty, this awe-inspiring…Read more

VDFB- 1364

A dandelion seed ready to be dispersed by the wind but sticks onto the twig in this amazing conglomerate, proud to stand magnetized to each other and shining in the process.…Read more

VDFB- 1363

This brilliant pendant is adorned with minute yet intriguing royal cut diamonds. Crafted with care and with 0.650 carats of diamonds, 5.550 grams of gold and 3.420 carats…Read more

VDFB- 1362

Beautiful Yellow diamonds embossed atop exquisite Royal cut diamonds which are interspersed at regular intervals in rows of elegance. Crafted with 46.040 carats of diamond…Read more

VDFB- 1361

This pendant rhythmically swirls into a cone revealing its everlasting splendor in creation and execution. Formed painstakingly with 0.370 carats of diamond, 4.920 grams…Read more

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