VDFB: 1281

Breathtaking sparkle in a modern sophisticated design. This regal ring oozes luxury from all sides. It is made with 0.380 carats of diamonds, 5.230 grams of gold and 1.710…Read more

VDFB: 1280

Inspired by a delicate flower, the dazzling diamonds and gold work in a new way to accentuate the timeless beauty of the mother of pearl. This beautiful pendant is made with…Read more

VDFB: 1279

A poetic and enchanting style created by an astonishing combination of gold, diamonds and mother of pearl. This marvelous ring is made with 0.780 carats of Diamonds, 5.680…Read more

VDFB: 1278

This celestial pendant with alternative golden petals of diamonds and mother of pearl makes a statement of pure femininity. This enticing pendant is made with 0.570 carats…Read more

VDFB: 1277

This elegant pendant with luxurious mother of pearl and brilliant diamonds is held together by gold to give the appearance of a blossoming flower. It is made with 0.750 carats…Read more

VDFB: 1276

Produced in the deep oceans of the world, this magnificent and lustrous mother of pearl jewel is a true testament to Viswa & Devji’s Heartistic Finesse. This grand ring…Read more

VDFB: 1275

This majestic ring is from Viswa & Devji’s new and exclusive Mother of pearl collection, “Oceanic Treasures”, made for those who seek spectacular luxury, legendary…Read more

VDFB: 1274

Made for those unique moments that take your breath away, this marvelous ring is made with 0.344 carats of Diamonds, 5.220 grams of Gold, 3.640 carats of Blue Sapphires and…Read more

VDFB: 1273

Simply stunning!! This beautiful necklace with Viswa & Devji?s wonderful Royal Cut Diamonds and Gold is perfect for weddings and special occasions. It is made with 10.299…Read more

VDFB: 1272

This splendid necklace is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. It features a fabulous array of precious royal cut diamonds beautifully held together in gold. This precious necklace…Read more

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